It's not the easiest topic to talk about, which is something we’re on a mission to change.

It’s easy to brush off a statistic like 30% of UK adults have some form of life insurance in place. We're here for the other 42 million who don’t. We’re devoting ourselves to making protection less of a chore and more of an informed choice for our customers.

Life comes in all shapes and sizes.

Our exclusive partner network offers a unique combination of protection products including life insurance, income protection, private medical and critical illness cover. Tailored by the life stage and eligibility of individuals, we’re helping people get the peace of mind they deserve, today.

We’re not salespeople.

We’re Cover Direct.

We are supporting everyday people to find the right protection for their circumstances and leading a change in the insurance and protection industry. Providing a bespoke service directly to customers, along with regular balanced, informative and entertaining content designed to raise awareness, educate and delight.