There’s only one thing we take more seriously than our work, and that’s each other.

At Cover Direct we’re a close-knit team of insurance professionals, focused on delivering best-in-class protection products.


Nurturing a culture of passion, trust and enthusiasm.

We pride ourselves on helping people get the protection they deserve. Working everyday with like-minded people we have a shared vision of the future and a collective responsibility in delivering it. Being at Cover Direct is more than just working a job; Cover Direct is a community, we share so much of our life together, let's make it count for something more.


Cover Direct represents a new way of doing things...

For our customers.

We don't have salespeople, ensuring only the best outcomes.

For our industry.

We're aiming to slash protection policy cancellation rates.

For ourselves.

We're putting people first and building something remarkable.


Open opportunities.

Personal Protection Consultant

Do great things with Cover Direct.

We’re always eager to meet bright talent.

We're always on the lookout for new ways of thinking and doing, to continue to push expectations. We're a thriving team of mixed-discipline specialists, constantly developing and growing stronger together, if you feel you have the talent, curiosity or hunger to do something great...


Internships at Cover Direct.

We're as committed to the next generation of talent as we are to the present. If you'd like to discuss internship opportunities at Cover Direct…