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What is Over 50 Life Insurance?

Over 50 Life Insurance allows you to leave money behind for your loved ones when you die

This money can go towards:-

  • Help with funeral costs
  • Cover outstanding bills
  • A gift for loved ones
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Key benefits of a Royal London Over 50 Life Insurance policy:

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Set payments
Royal London guarantee they'll never go up

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Fully insured
After only one year

Guaranteed Acceptance
No medical needed

100% of claims paid
100% of Royal London Over 50 Life Insurance claims paid in 2020

"Very prompt service
- so easy to use because it is all online. The format of everything is easy to read and understand".

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Paying for
Over 50 Life Insurance

Flexible payments

Payout promise

Payment holidays

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Over 50 Life Insurance
vs Funeral Plans

Benefit Over 50 Life
Funeral Plan
Provides a cash lump sum for your loved ones
Pays directly to Funeral Directors to cover cost of your funeral
Different policy and plan options to suit your needs
Guaranteed Acceptance, no medical
Cover from: £3.95 per
£14.61 per

Over 50 Life Insurance

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Funeral Plan

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Over 50 Life Insurance

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